Kravitz still has a knack for finding good wines at great prices – Robert Parker, Parker on Wine, BusinessWeek, 8/20 & 27, 2007

Hand Picked Selections in Spain

With huge acreage of mostly old, low-yielding vines, Spain has always had the raw materials for quality. Progress at rocket speed has unfortunately been accompanied by an epidemic of ‘California Disease' (scientific name: three-figure first-releaseitis), with many top wines retailing for $100 - 500. Are they worth it? Not our decision to make, but the push for quality has happily extended down the economic scale. Old vineyards yielding just two tons per acre can produce enough for winegrowers to earn a living from wines that sell for ten bucks or less.

Generally speaking, HPS limits its work in Spain to our own four brands. Panarroz has become our biggest selling wine, blessed with consistently high quality and scores and despite a weaker dollar still around that magical ten dollar price point. Our other three brands, Spada, IA and ARCS are all from northern Spain and are now grouped by label design. Ranging from almost Atlantic (Spada) to Mediterranean (ARCS), they are respectively based on Tempranillo (known in Toro as Tinta de Toro), Garnacha and Carignan.

HPS has also begun work with producers in Cava (Miquel Pons) and Rioja (Hazaña), Spain's most traditional wine region. Though our focus in Spain has historically been on HPS-owned brands, these wines are fantastic, represent tremendous values, and were simply too good to pass up!

Large quantities, consistent quality, distinctive flavors, reasonable prices. No wonder Spanish wine sales have exploded in the U.S. We're happy to be a part of it.


Bouza de Carril
Daniel Belda
Finca Las Caraballas
Las Capas
Las Valles
Terra do Castelo