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Sebastian Vicente helms the purposeful Domaine de Fondrèche, which was founded in 1991. Located in Mont Ventoux, an area famous for the Tour de France, Sebastian continues the estate’s laser focus on preserving the vineyards and land that they own. Their goal has always been to minimize their impact to the environment, and they do so with zero use of herbicides, and an emphasis on using green fertilizers like various plants. 
Their 40 hectares are split into 3 parcels: First, an area with stony soil, chalky surface and sandy clay texture for reds. Second, a sand and silt filled parcel perfect for Rosé. Last, an area with chalky soils where their white grapes grow. 
All winemaking is without sulfites, and they utilize Ovoid tanks during production. 
ProducerDomaine de Fondrèche
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